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Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers Thunder Bay - With a snap of your employer's fingers, you lose your job or are demoted and your life crumbles apart. Try as you might, it is not possible to support your family when your savings are gone and you can't find gainful job. If this is you, it is possible that you have a wrongful dismissal situation against your employer.

If you are a boss who likes to fire someone but do not want to encounter a lawsuit. There are some vital questions that you need answered and a wrongful dismissal lawyer can help answer them.

A wrongful dismissal lawyer can give advice as well as answers to be able to help deal with your difficult situation. Our company prides itself in ensuring that your rights are protected while assisting you accomplish your personal goals.

When you file a suit for wrongful dismissal, the court compensates you for the amount you would have received from your previous benefits and salary. On the other hand, any notice or pay which you received is subtracted from the awarded amount.

Once your position is terminated, it is your responsibility to find work. The court considers your efforts, but will likewise subtract whichever income earned throughout the reasonable notice period from the awarded amount.

Like for example: If you just got eight weeks notice previous to termination when you were entitled to 8 months notice, the court would calculate the amount you could have earned at a different job and award damages accordingly. The courts consider bonuses, pension, insurance, medical plans, moving expenses, stock options, and vacation pay when determining how much damages they must award.

In extreme cases, the court could even compensate an employee for undergoing abuse, mental distress or defamation after termination.

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