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Bankruptcy in Thunder Bay - Our Insolvency Law Group can assist you if you are having trouble meeting your monetary obligations. We can assist make the best of a bad situation, no matter what financial problems you are encountering. Our clients comprise lenders, creditors, receivers, suppliers and business owners. Our assistance comprise a thorough assessment of your legal and financial situation and a comprehensive appraisal of your options. Whenever considered necessary, we act for you before the courts.

Our Insolvency Law Group draws upon the tax, litigation and commercial professionals in our company to strategize in the most innovative and pragmatic way. Our objective is to be able to help you manage your risk and accomplish the greatest possible recovery. This might involve mortgage foreclosure, out-of-court seizure of property, a negotiated debt restructuring, a bankruptcy petition or an instrument or a court-appointed receivership.

Seek advice from our experienced Insolvency Law practitioners when the burden of financial responsibilities overwhelms you. Solutions can consist of a negotiated or court-protected reorganization of your debt. When necessary, we help you to navigate throughout bankruptcy proceedings. Your goal as a business owner encountering monetary challenges is to weather the storm. We provide timely recommendation and experienced counsel to be able to reach the best possible outcome given your circumstances. We handle problems about Revenue and Customs Agency, trade creditors, secured lenders, landlords, and many others.

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