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Thunder Bay Patent Lawyers - In intellectual property law, our firm is an industry leader. Our IP or Intellectual Property Group has a wide range of technological skill specializing in development, protection, use and exploitation of intellectual property and information technology.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable at trade-mark applications, registrations and patent applications. Our members have helped with several industrial design applications and registrations.

Various scientific and legal backgrounds are essential to offer useful legal advice concerning specialized and complex IP-related issues. Our experts have studied the sciences at advanced levels. Some have engineering degrees while others have graduate degrees in the areas of biotechnology, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, electronics and engineering physics. Amongst our group are members with doctoral degrees in applied chemistry, analytical chemistry, nutrition & metabolism, genetics, plant biogenetics, telecommunications, and oncology. Advanced scientific backgrounds along with considerable knowledge at the bench equip our scientific professionals with exceptional skills and expertise.

The Industry

Intangible property could be the most valuable property in lots of research organizations and businesses. The control of this crucial intellectual property needs the acquiring of effective and cost-efficient protection. Cultural industries, technology and telecommunications are vital to the nation's economic growth and health. To ensure continued economic success, businesses should have a well-developed intellectual property plan.

Gaining access to the rights of others through licensing-in or cross-licensing as their is a trend to protect the results of research previous to public dissemination grows. Thus, flexibility in an intellectual property position could serve the dual purpose of providing an asset and securing a niche so as to create opportunities for additional revenue flow through licensing. A research-oriented or start-up organization could attain considerable advantages by combining intellectual property assets through cross-licensing with those of a large global firm.

Protecting Intangible Assets

In today's competitive climate, many businesses have intangible assets like for example their trade secrets, goodwill and brands, which are part of their commercial success. Therefore, protecting intangible assets, which might include a significant part of their value, is an important approach to business.

Inter-disciplinary Approach

We could offer a full range of services due to our inter-disciplinary approach. We are well positioned to offer knowledgeable and up-to-date advice both to businesses in the area of technology and to those affected only incidentally by new technological developments.

To be able to give our clients the best service possible, we work really closely along with experts in the areas of human resources, banking, capital markets; litigation, employment law, tax; and mergers and acquisitions. Our regular participation in client specific teams guarantees that our clients have the scientific and legal support considered necessary for complex intellectual property management and protection issues, and commercial transactions, consisting of the establishment of strategic alliances, outsourcing agreements, and initial public offerings in telecommunications, biotechnology, and various technology sectors.

Client Focus

The input that you could provide us will be recognized and appreciated based on your expertise in your field of business and value. Your confidence in your own business strategy helps us to formulate timely and cost effective intellectual property risk assessment and suggestion.

In order to improve our working relationship, we hold regular visits with you within your offices. We could discuss based on your international marketing strategy, the strategic development of national and global intellectual property portfolios. This provides a strong working relationship as well as a chance to be able to build and maintain a good understanding of your business.

We place considerable importance for our lawyers on keeping up to date in the rapidly evolving field of intellectual property. Our group's continuing education program includes attendance and participation at international conferences, and with local, national and international organizations working in varied areas of intellectual property and information technology. We maintain an extensive global network of foreign associates so as to help our clients who need intellectual property protection outside our national borders.

Your Benefit

We have the strong technical expertise and leadership as well as modern systems to guarantee the most efficient and timely services to our clients. Our centralized database streamlines all our file mamangement, accounting functions and practice management. This sophisticated system allows the efficient and effective management of your intellectual property portfolio worldwide and the generation of customized reports to help you in the management of your company. We always update and improve our system utilizing highly trained technical personnel working under the direct supervision of our advanced professionals. An extensive training program together with a sophisticated internal computer network allows us to monitor and manage your portfolio with short turnaround times. We always achieve a high level of reliability through our advanced techniques of quality control and client-driven service.

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